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Top Ten Movies of 2013
10. Upstream Color
I appreciate this more than like it, and these sorts of movies are usually a little opaque for my taste, but it's though-provoking and there are moments of real beauty.

9. Inside Llewyn Davis
I totally get why some people didn't enjoy it, it's pretty bleak. Buy I love the idea of telling the story of a guy who just missed his chance. Oscar Isaac is fantastic in it.

7. Her
I loved this mostly for the two amazing performances of the leads, but it is also just really beautiful to look at.

7. Fruitvale Station
Impressive that a movie which tells a story that you know how it ends can still be so gripping and, ultimately, moving.

6. All Is Lost
The most realistic shipwreck story I've ever seen, and I don't think Robert Redford has ever been better. Also contains possibly the best use of the word "Fuck" in a movie.

5. Frances Ha
Who knew that Noah Baumbach could ditch his cynicism (well, almost) and tell such a sweet story about two women? Greta Gerwig likely deserves a lot of credit for this one.

4. Iron Man 3
Big, satisfying, and the definition of what a good summer blockbuster can be. I loved you in A Christmas Story, by the way.

3. Mud
The best sense of place I saw in a movie this year, one of the best child performances I've ever seen, and the best Matthew McConaughey performance I've ever seen. Deeply affecting and authentic.

2. Stoker
It starts creepy, seems to be going one direction, hits you with a curve ball and keep surprising you right up to the end. The direction is edgy and fascinating, the performances are all marvelous. The piano duet is probably the best single scene in a movie this year.

1. Gravity
One of the reasons I go to movies is to see great spectacle, and I can't remember the last time I walked out of a theater feeling like I had seen something so completely new. I loved every minute of it so much and I feel like I could watch it again and again and not get bored.

I really think you'll like Mud. Frances Ha as well, if you can find it :).


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